Technologies used

  •    Backend: PHP 7 / Laravel
  •    Caching: Memcached
  •    Frontend: Angular
  •    Database: Maria-DB
  •    VCS: GIt (bitbucket)
  •    Task tracker: Jira
  •    Documentation: Confluence
  •    Continuous Delivery: Jenkins
  •    Monitoring: Sentry, Zabbix
  •    Mobile applications: ReactNative

How it works

The project is for gathering information from various affiliate trackers. Each tracker provides own type of API – from SOAP and REST to something you would not want to touch…

Ivanhoe stores it according to own business logic, analyze it and synchronize with Google Analytics, Bing and other analytics tools. With this data, clients are able to understand their affiliate sales funnels from click in google ads to the purchase.

Having now in Beta testing around 50 clients we have to continuously update 100+ affiliate trackers accounts with various API types to deliver information in the fastest way. The asynchronous systems working 24/7 to deliver that.