Customer Name: Vergelijk Direct
No. 3 insurance comparison website in the Netherlands. Designed and developed from scratch.

CMS WordPress for adding new content
Integration with affiliate marketing websites
Statistics of insurance purchasing
CSV Data feeds
Automatic rate scraping from rate providers
Unique comparison engine
Continuous integration of new features and tools

Customer story:
‘Before collaborating with mijndev we were working with cheap freelancers from India. Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. to save on development costs. Our team didn’t have strong IT knowledge, spent a lot of time and money on misunderstandings and bad quality products. Moreover, this product was not supportable as new freelancers didn’t want to work with old products. Products were hard to use and adding new rates took us hours in best case as should have been added one by one.

With mijndev we now spend less and less time for the development of the product itself. It helps us to focus on strategic matters like marketing and business development. With continuous integration system new features can be released on a daily basis’