Spanjespecials (.com and .be)

Customer Name: Spanje Specials
Real estate website. Designed and developed from scratch.

Unique CMS WordPress for adding new content for both websites. Website owner don’t need to add it separately for each website — everything is in one place.
Customised plugins for filtering and search on the website
Export of the properties to big real estate portals

Customer story:
Our website was developed years ago by a good friend of ours. The website was starting to show its age: it was difficult to use and required a lot of time to make simple changes. Simply adding content or changing existing properties took too long and automatization was not possible. These problems were caused partially by faulty design and structure of the website.
The website that fanpager delivered us solved all of these problems. They developed a custom CMS based on wordpress. The main role of this CMS was to make managing both copies of the website (.com and .be) easier and faster. We no longer need to repeat actions on multiple sites or waste time on simple tasks.